World Plumbing Day was established to spread awareness of the importance of plumbing around the world. The plumbing community plays a vital role in establishing community health, quality plumbing, sustaining the environment, and public sanitation.

World Plumbing Day

We might not think about it, but simply turning on the faucet or flushing the toilet in our homes is a daily part of our lives which many people don’t have access to. Safe water at home is something that isn’t available to 3 out of 10 people worldwide. That’s 2.1 billion people!

Thanks to plumbing, when we flush our toilets, the water flows through pipes which are then looked after by our municipalities. There are several plumbing inventions that not only make our lives more sanitary, but aim to make our environment better as well.

Backflow valves were put into place to ensure that when water stops flowing, it doesn’t go backwards. This is especially important for when we flush our toilets, or water our gardens. The backflow valve ensures that we are only drinking clean water.

The plumbing trap is the pipe underneath your sink in the shape of a “U”, “S”, or “J”. This was invented so that a small amount of water would stay in the pipe each time the sink was used causing a trap seal. This prevents sewage odors, gases, and critters from entering your home.

Dual flush toilets were invented to try to save water. They were invented during a drought in Australia, and now use as little as 3 liters on a half flush, and 4.5 liters on a full flush.

We also have the use of solar hot water, where hot water systems use the power of a solar thermal collector to heat up the water. This is great for the environment by using the free power of the sun!

Plumbing improves the world through supply, sanitation, and efficiency. Celebrate World Plumbing Day today!

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