In Florida, especially here in the Port Charlotte area of Florida, hard water is a big problem for us. We know what hard water does to our skin, clothes and hair. But what does hard water do to the pipes in your home?

hard water

Water Quality

Hard water affects the water quality coming into your home. While it is safe to drink, as mentioned above, it affects our skin, clothes and hair. It causes our soap and shampoo to become less effective. This makes our clothes appear to be dirtier, our dishes less clean, and you will notice soap scum on appliances and shower doors.

Pipe Clogs

All of these things mentioned above will also clog your pipes. The lime scale, or hard water will build up inside the plumbing in your home. You can also notice it on the outside of plumbing fixtures if they aren’t cleaned very often. This will appear as white crusty material. Imagine how this affects the interior of the piping. It will eventually make the pipes openings smaller, and more susceptible to clogs.

Pipe Damage

As this lime scale continues to build up along the inner linings of the pipes, a reaction can occur causing damage to the pipes. As the metals break down there can be leaks, or even worse, a total breakdown in the pipe. There can also be damage to major appliances such as the water heater, dish washer, washing machine by clogging the water lines that lead to them. Thus potentially canceling any warranty on those items.

Reduced Water Flow

As the hard water deposits continue to build up along the inside of the pipes, the water flow will have smaller opening to go through. You will begin to notice slower water flow in showers and sinks, as well as slower drainage.

McDonough Plumbing offers solutions such as water softener installation for future prevention. We also offer high pressure jetting to scour the inside of your pipes to solve the problem at hand. Contact us to discuss the best possible solutions for your home.

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