As homeowners and consumers we have a plethora of water filtration options available to us today. Additionally, there are various means and methods of obtaining them as they’re readily available to us. But what is the best way to filter our water in our home? Let’s talk about our water filtration options.

Water Filtration Options

Refillable Water Pitcher

Having a refillable water pitcher is an easy, and inexpensive way to get great tasting water. Buy the pitcher, fill it up and place it in the fridge. You don’t even have to leave your home. Just order it online and have it in a day or two. But what is it doing for you other than giving you great tasting water?

Whole House Water Filtration

With whole house water filtration you would need to decide upon the size and type of system you want, softener or water filter. Determine which is best for your home, then have a professional plumber come and install the system for you. The benefit of this is that your whole house has great tasting water. Your appliances have nice clean water too. This is something a refillable water pitcher can’t give you. But why does this matter?

Having hard water or water full of excess minerals or chemicals is bad for your pipes. It’s also bad for your appliances. By having a whole house water filtration system installed, you’re not only getting great water, you’re saving your pipes, and saving the longevity of your appliances. It’s a win-win situation.

Installing a whole house water filtration system also ensures constant filtered water. No more running out of water, or having to constantly fill up the water pitcher.

Call the professional plumbers at McDonough Plumbing to discuss your water filtration needs, and we’ll help you to find the best solution for your home. Give us a try, we want to be YOUR plumber.

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