Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and while Black Friday is the biggest shopping day for retailers, the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day for residential plumbers! Think about it, while you’re busy cooking, and your home is full of guests, there is plenty of room for things to go wrong, so here are some of our top plumbing tips to keep your Thanksgiving Holiday running smoothly so you can enjoy it with your family!

  1. When putting leftovers down the garbage disposal, be sure to have both the disposal and the water running. Keep the water running for a bit after turning it off too; this keeps the waste from building up and clogging the drain.
  2. Never pour fat and grease down the drain! When they cool, they will become a solid and clog the pipe! Save a jar and pour the grease and fat into a jar and throw it away!
  3. Use a sink strainer; this will prevent unwanted food items from going down the drain. It also stops those small utensils as well. Every little bit of precaution helps!
  4. Remember that not everything can go down the garbage disposal either. It can’t handle bones, potatoes, or turkey skin, save items like that for the trash or compost pile.
  5. Try running the dishwasher at night when possible overnight guests won’t be taking showers, this will save on the hot water and prevent guests from having to take cold showers!

The best advice is to have any problems checked out prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Don’t become a Thanksgiving Day plumbing expert! There will be many things going on that day and a small problem could turn into a bigger problem easily. So if you think you might have a problem now, give McDonough Plumbing a call, we want to be YOUR plumber.

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