toilet lid closedSimilar to the age old question about whether toilet paper should hang over or under, people sometimes are in disagreement about keeping the toilet lid closed or open. How is it kept in your household? Is there a constant battle? Believe it or not, it should be kept closed. Here are some good reasons to keep the toilet lid closed.


It is best for your health to keep the toilet lid closed. Especially when flushing! When you flush with the lid open, all that bacteria sprays, and spreads around the bathroom! This is called toilet plume. Aerosols produced by toilet flushing. This can be spread up to 15 feet, infecting the floor, your toothbrush, and can last through several toilet flushes!


If you have pets in the home, they’re always on the lookout for extra water, even if they have some in their bowl. Having an open toilet is an invitation to drink. It isn’t good for them to be drinking bacteria filled toilet water, even if the toilet has been flushed. As mentioned above, the bacteria sticks around for several flushes.  Open toilets also pose a drowning risk as well.


Children and open toilets are not a good mix either. It’s unhealthy for them to be playing in the water; of course they would find it fun. But it can also be a drowning hazard for them too.  There are many different types of toilet seat locks to prevent this from happening.

Falling In

Have you ever walked into the bathroom during the middle of the night, only to find both the seat and lid up, and fallen in? That is NOT fun! This is a great reason to be in the habit of keeping the lid closed. This will prevent accidents like that from happening.

This is about a lot more than preference as opposed to the over under with the toilet paper hanging. There is safety involved with keeping the toilet lid closed or open. We won’t tell you what to do, but McDonough Plumbing is here to help you when you need us! Just contact us for all your plumbing needs!

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