You and your family use your water on a daily basis, therefore you need your plumbing to be working effectively. For this to happen, your pipes need to be free of leaks, and they need to be corrosion free. Spotting a leak is typically easy, but how do you know if your pipes are corroding? These are some signs, and some tips to avoid pipe corrosion.

Avoid Pipe Corrosion

What to Look For

If your home is older, it could be more prone to having pipes corrode, but that isn’t always the case. Newer homes can have pipe corrosion too, if they weren’t installed properly, if they aren’t maintained, or if there is a high level of minerals in your homes water. This makes it important to check the water for these materials. If you do have hard water, or have calcium or other minerals in your water, it is a good idea to have a water softener or whole home water filtration system installed in your home. This preventative maintenance that can save a lot of money down the line.

Signs of Corroding Pipes Include:

  • Rust staining sinks, toilets or tubs
  • Weak water pressure
  • Excessive clogging
  • Water discoloration from faucets
  • Metallic tasting water

Avoid Pipe Corrosion

  • Maintain pipe cleanliness with routine cleanings
  • Maintain even water pressure
  • Limit pipe movement
  • Don’t mix pipe metals
  • Don’t keep water too hot, warmer water can corrode pipes quicker

Pipes Are Corroded

If your pipes are corroded, there are options. Re-piping your whole home doesn’t have to be the only option. The plumbing professionals here at McDonough Plumbing can inspect your pipes and recommend the best solution for your situation. Don’t be afraid of the worst possible outcome, and wait to fix the problem, it can only get worse over time. We are experts in our field, and have been serving the Venice and Port Charlotte areas of Florida for over 70 years. We have seen it all! Give us a call at 941-624-4343 or contact us here.

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