Just like you test the air or water quality in your home, you should test your home’s water pressure a few times per year. This should be part of your regular plumbing maintenance. If your home isn’t equipped with a dedicated gauge already, you only need to buy an inexpensive gauge to test the water pressure coming from your home.

Test Your Home’s Water Pressure

If you’re wondering why you would want to test your home’s water pressure, there are a few good reasons. Maybe you’ve taken a shower and realized the water pressure isn’t what it typically is. But an even better reason is that if the water pressure is too high, it can actually damage your pipe connections, water heater, water softener, faucets and other appliances. If you have a blowout in a flex line which is more likely, your home can become flooded, causing extensive water damage. Checking water pressure from time to time can actually detect a problem before it occurs.

To test the water pressure:

  1. Make sure there’s no running water inside the home.
  2. Go outside and find a hose hookup. Attach the gauge onto the hose hookup and turn the water all the way on.
  3. Make sure the gauge isn’t leaking, if it is, the reading won’t be accurate.
  4. Determine the pressure from the gauge. Typically, an average house will have a water pressure of between 45 and 55 PSI (pounds per square inch).
  5. If it is above or below that, you either need adjusting of your regulator, or need one installed.
  6. To be sure, turn off the water, then perform the test again.

If you’re still getting readings outside of normal, contact a professional plumber such as McDonough Plumbing to either correct the pressure on the regulator or to have a regulator installed. We can test to find the cause of low water pressure and we can also test to determine if any damage has been caused by water pressure that is too high. Contact us today to get all the plumbing services you need!

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