The benefit of modern day pluming is that we get to flush and wash away waste down our drains. This is something that wasn’t available years ago, and still isn’t available to some in other countries. There are times however when there are troubles, and things don’t go as planned. When there are troubles with modern plumbing, there could be a smell coming from your sink or drains. When this happens, it’s important to look into it immediately.

Smell Coming from My Drain

If You Notice a Smell Coming From Your Drain

  1. Fill the P Trap

The first thing to check is to see if the P Trap is empty. This can happen if the house has been left empty for a while, meaning the water hasn’t been turned on. This is common in Florida households, when part time residents are away for a period of time. To rectify this, just turn on the sink and let the water run. This will fill the P Trap with water, blocking the gas from making its way back up the sewer line and into your home. If it’s a floor drain that is giving you a problem, fill a bucket of water and pour that down the drain.

  1. Check the Tap Water

Pour a glass of water from the tap and bring it outside into the fresh air. Smell it once you’re outside and see if you still notice the smell. If the answer is yes, go back inside and try another tap. If you still smell it from another then it most likely stems from the water, not the drain.

  1. Check The Drains

Many times the cause for bad smelling drains are due to what goes down the drains. If it’s a kitchen drain, food and grease can build up and get stuck on the sides. When this happens more food and debris will continue to get stuck, and the smell will only worsen over time. Try cleaning the pipes with a mixture of boiling water and baking soda. If there are still smells, you could need professional drain cleaning, in that case it’s time to contact a professional plumber.

  1. Clogged Plumbing Vent

When this happens, sewer odor can back up into your home. This can be caused by a bird’s nest or something similar blocking the vent. After removal, it’s a good idea to block it off with a screen to prevent it from happening again.

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