Hard water causes many problems for home owners, from limescale build up, to staining clothes and dishes, to drying out skin and hair. But did you know it can also cause damage to your water heater? Installing a whole house water softener can actually save your water heater, let us explain why.

Save Your Water Heater

The minerals which make water hard, such as calcium and magnesium leave behind limescale. We usually see that built up on our shower doors, or shower heads. The problem with water heaters is that they heat up. This allows the limescale to settle along the water heaters tank floor. Since this is where the water heater heats, this buildup of sediment makes the water heater less efficient causing the heater to run longer and use more power. Yes, having the tank flushed will fix the problem temporarily, but it will build up again and again.

Both gas and electric water heaters are affected by limescale build up, because it interferes with the efficiency of the water heater. When the lime scale builds up on the heating elements, they will need to be replaced because they will be running harder and longer, and can eventually burn out. Likewise, when the limescale is building up on the inside of the water heater, it is trapping heat inside the unit, this can cause the unit to overheat and eventually damage the system. All of these problems can be solved by having the water heater flushed and cleaned, but again, these are temporary measures and will need to be performed repeatedly.

Tankless water heaters are not immune to this issue. They too have similar problems with limescale buildup. The efficiency of the water heater will suffer, and the mineral deposits can cause your home to have problems with water pressure.

Having a professional plumber like McDonough Plumbing install a whole house water softening system will eliminate all of your hard water problems and save your water heater, allowing you to enjoy all the energy efficiency your hot water heater has to offer! Call us to speak to one of our plumbing experts today!

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