Rheem Prestige Water Heaters

Rheem Prestige® Water Heaters offer a diagnostic system with leak protection and a 12-year warranty.

The Rheem Prestige Water Heater is Efficient

  • The design alone helps to make it conductive to heat loss
  • It has not only one, but two stainless steel heating elements

Easy to Operate

  • Simple and easy to read diagnostics
  • Thermostat with digital settings
  • Equipped with Leak Protection and audible alarm.

Leak Sense Leak Detection

  • Built In Leak Detection
  • Automatically detects any leak, inside or outside, large or small
  • Automatic shut off valve

Don’t Worry When you’re Not Home

  • Built in WiFi enabled
  • Temperature control
  • Leak notification
  • Unit Health Indicator
  • Availability of hot water

Features Include:

  • Premium grade anode rod, to provide your tank heater with long lasting protection
  • High Temperature power cut off for those extreme temperature situations
  • High efficiency, with low operating costs
  • The unit is compliant with many incentive programs offered by utility companies

But wait there’s more!

Not only does the Rheem Prestige Water Heater offer all of these features, but it also comes with EverKleenTM, a self-cleaning device, which fights the harmful sediment build-up which occurs at the bottom of hot water heaters. This happens by having a high velocity water stream which spirals, this also helps the unit operate more efficiently, saving money, while improving the life of the tank!

McDonough Electric Water Heaters

McDonough installs and maintains Rheem water heaters in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Venice, North Port, Englewood and other communities throughout Charlotte & South Sarasota Counties. Contact us for a consult!

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