Residential Plumbing Services

Our skilled plumbers bring a wealth of knowledge right to your door.residential plumbing services

The small drip that you hear at night-
The toilet that takes longer to refill than it used to-
The handle on our outside hose bibb is broken-
The gurgling that comes when the washer drains-
The 2” of water you are now standing in every time you take a shower-
The noisy garbage disposal that sounds like it is in pain-
The water heater that only gives you lukewarm water and has rust stains on it-
We do this!

Replacing that low toilet that puts stress on your knees-
Replacing that bathroom sink that has the enamel chipping off-
Replacing the faucet that came with the house 30 years ago-
Installing that new dishwasher-
Running a line for that new ice maker-
We also do this!

Clearing out the drain lines with a cable to make work more efficiently
Jetting sewer lines for both homes and businesses-
Smoke testing drain lines to locate sewer gas smells-
Scoping out that sewer line that keeps stopping up-
Replacing sewer and water lines-
Remodeling and refreshing your baths and kitchens-

We do it all!!!

Call McDonough Plumbing for ALL your Residential Plumbing Services!!!

  • Appliance Installation – Dishwasher, disposals, ice maker lines, washing machine connections and hoses
  • Backflow Installation, Certifications & repairs, we handle all the paper work
  • Hose bibbs and water service shut offs repaired or replaced
  • New fixture installations – Kitchen sinks, lavatories, toilets, bar sinks
  • Re-pipes: Partial or Complete
  • Sewer Camera/Video Inspections and Locations
  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Cabling, High-Pressure Jetting, Repairs or Replacements
  • Shower Pans Installation
  • Slab Leaks – Repaired or replaced
  • Toilet repairs & replacements – Popular Comfort Height Toilets-great for knee and hip problems
  • Video Inspections and Locations – Locate broken fittings or stoppage problems
  • Water Heater Repairs or Replacements – Newer models provide 6-year warranty
  • Water Treatment installation and repairs
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