Doing an online search for the cost to repipe your Port Charlotte home can yield a variety of price ranges. There are valid reasons though for the huge price disparity. We have it laid out below to try to make it less confusing for homeowners, to give you a little better understanding of the reasons why.

manabloc panel after repiping your home

  • The first thing a plumber will look at when determining the cost to repipe your home is the amount of plumbing fixtures your home has. They’re looking at the number of bathrooms, toilets, sinks, and showers. They’re also looking at how many water consuming appliances your home has, such as a dish washer, washing machine, water filtration system, water heater and so forth. The more your home has, the more expensive the repiping will be.
  • They’re also looking at the ease of access to these appliances. Are they located in a tiny little crawl space? Are they really hard to get to? If so, they will cost more because they are more labor intensive.
  • Which pipes are being replaced? It could be less expensive if only the visible pipes are being replaced, rather than repiping the whole house.
  • The cost of repiping the whole house also depends on the size of the house. If the house is very large, then it will cost a lot more than a house that is considerably smaller in size.
  • Which type of pipes are being replaced? The type of pipe being used will affect the cost. A professional plumber will help you decide which is best for your home. Copper pipes; while best for areas like this with hard water, are the most expensive, but are also environmentally friendly.
  • There are also permit fees which need to be considered into the total cost of the job.

Don’t trust your home to just anyone, call the experts at McDonough Plumbing at 941-624-4343 or reach out to us online. Repiping a home is a big job. We can guide you to help you make the best decision when you repipe your Port Charlotte home.

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