We’re all spending more time at home these days, which means our plumbing systems are getting a lot more use. We don’t want to overload our plumbing systems, so it’s important to follow some guidelines before we cause problems. Follow these tips to avoid plumbing mistakes.

Plumbing Mistakes

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Often times we don’t think about our plumbing systems until there’s a problem. It’s there, it works well, so we don’t worry about it. But when there’s a problem, the first thing we do is attack it head on. But that isn’t always a good thing, especially if it comes to drain clogs and attacking it with a chemical drain cleaner. Those can damage drain pipes, especially if they’re used often. It’s better to try the natural route with boiling water, vinegar, and baking soda. If you’re still having clogs, call one of our plumbing professionals for the job.

What Not To Put Down Drains

Another thing we do, and probably have been doing more of lately, is putting too much down our drains; especially wipes. Because of the coronavirus, we’re using wipes more often, and they are clogging our septic systems. But this isn’t the only time things are getting flushed that shouldn’t be. Cat litter, egg shells, medications, grease and oil shouldn’t go down drains either. They can, and will eventually clog either your drains, or your whole plumbing system eventually.

Don’t Ignore Small Plumbing Problems

Ever hear that drip, drip, drip from the faucet and just ignore it for months? Or hear the toilet running long after it has been flushed? They might seem like small problems, but left untouched, little plumbing problems, can turn into big plumbing nightmares. Especially here in the Port Charlotte area. Our area is hot and humid, and when a leak isn’t attended to, not only does it do damage to your home, but it can become moldy, which can make for a dangerous situation.

Don’t hesitate to call the plumbing professionals at McDonough Plumbing at 941-624-4343 so we can get to work on any plumbing issues you have in your home or business!

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