Maintaining a water heater is important if you want to extend the life of your water heater. They are an important part of our home. They give us hot water for showers, dishes, and laundry. If we maintain them properly, they can last a long time. That’s what we want! If they’re not properly maintained, they won’t last as long as they should.

Life of Your Water Heater

Of course they will need to be replaced, but with proper maintenance, we can expect to make them last. See these tips on proper water heater maintenance.

The tank should be flushed at least two times per year. This helps to remove sediment from the bottom of the tank. Sediment build up can cause rust, and it can also cause it to break down quicker and over heat over time.

The pressure relief valve is important so that there isn’t a build-up of thermal pressure in the tank. To check it, put a bucket under the discharge pipe on the tank and open it. If water comes out, then it is working properly.

Most water heaters should be set at 120 degrees. Check to be sure that the water heater is set to that temperature, this way there is plenty of hot water for the members of your family.

If you have a traditional tank, you want to be sure there is plenty of room around the water heater. The recommended space is about 4 feet around.

Insulate the pipes for hot or cold weather. This helps to ensure that you’re getting the most energy efficiency out of it as possible.

If you have further questions, or think there might be a problem with your water heater, contact the professional plumbers at McDonough Plumbing. We’re here to help you in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Venice, North Port, Englewood and other communities throughout Charlotte & South Sarasota Counties. Contact us today!

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