Installing a Water Treatment SystemClean water is important for your health. Especially in Florida with the amounts of water we need to drink daily to stay hydrated. We need enough water to function, and unfortunately, many people today are drinking water that contains harmful bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. Even though our tap water goes through a filtration system, it’s easy for it to still be contaminated. The best way to ensure that you and your family are drinking good clean water is by installing a water treatment system in your home.

See the benefits of Installing a Water Treatment System in Your Home:

  • Clean, fresh water all the time. You can bottle it up and take it with you anywhere
  • Reduced plumbing repair bills due to the lack of mineral deposits in the plumbing systems
  • Healthier looking skin and hair
  • Longer lasting and brighter looking clothes due to the reduction of residual soap scum
  • Healthier showers and baths due to the reduction of chlorine
  • Money saved on soap now that less will have to be used to get things cleaned
  • Water directly from the tap will taste and smell so much better than it did before, and the water will have a lower pH level
  • Protection in the event of a sewer line burst. The water in your home won’t be contaminated
  • Reduced gastrointestinal problems due to the lack of parasites in the water. Treated water removes parasites through filtration
  • Environmental protection through the reduction of adding plastic bottles to landfill

If you’re ready to reap all of these benefits listed above, give McDonough Plumbing a call at 941-624-4343 to see which type of water treatment system is right for your home in the Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda areas of South Florida. You can start drinking clean pure water before you know it!

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