Are you seeing rust stains in your sink or shower? It’s actually caused by hard water. Something we know a lot about here in the Port Charlotte area of Florida. It is also caused by rusty pipes, and materials running through the water itself. There isn’t an actual way to keep them away, but there are some ways to help prevent rust stains in your sink or shower for a while at least.

Prevent Rust Stains

One of the most efficient ways is to install a water filtration system in your home. This will help to remove the nitrates and other chemicals from your water. Not only will it help to keep the rust at bay, but your water will taste better and be healthier for you and your family.

One of the simplest ways to prevent rust stains in your sink or shower is to eliminate metal. We see this with shaving cream canisters, hair sprays, and razors. When they’re left sitting there wet, eventually they’ll rust. Bathrooms are moist anyway, when left wet, these items will rust.

Wiping down surfaces after each use will help to prevent rust from occurring.

If you notice any leaks, get them attended to as soon as possible. As sinks and showers leak, the sitting water will begin to cause rust to build up. Call your local plumber to come check out the leak.

If it’s your toilet that is rusting, check out the inside of the tank. Sometimes older units will have metal parts that have just corroded over time. If that’s the problem, replace those parts with PVC which is non-corrosive.

McDonough Plumbing can serve all of your plumbing needs, even those rust stains. We can install a water softener, a water filtration system, or both softening your water to eliminate many rust problems. Contact us to see which the best solution is for you.


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