In Florida, our water is hard, very hard actually. We know it, and unfortunately we’re used to it. We see the effects on our clothes, in our hair, and on our appliances. But did you know hard water affects our pipes?

Hard Water Affects Your Pipes

What makes water in the Port Charlotte area hard? It’s the minerals in the water. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium, the more of them, the harder the water is. While there might be more of them in our area water, it doesn’t make the water unpotable, it’s just not good for our pipes.

Hard water affects your pipes and it isn’t good for them. Why? Because it builds up in the pipes. The way that soap and shampoo, and other cleaning products react with the hard water it causes a buildup, or soap scum, which then causes a build up inside the pipes, which will eventually cause a clog.

Over time, these build ups will become visible to you via water flow reduction, possible pipe leaks from the stress of the water flowing through a smaller area. Appliances will operate at a reduced capacity as they will also feel the strain of working through pipes and lines with calcium and magnesium deposits. As they work harder, they work less efficiently, causing utility bills to increase. As well as lowering their useful life, and breaking down more often.

There is a fix however. Adding a water softener to your home. By doing this the water becomes soft by reducing the amount of minerals allowed into the plumbing system. Not only will this save your plumbing and appliances, but it will reduce the amount of soap used, the amount of laundry detergent, soap scum build up on showers and sinks, and your hair and skin will feel better too!

Contact McDonough Plumbing to see how a whole house water softener can help you!

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