Halo Water Softener

If you’re noticing water stains in your sink or bathtub, or you’ve noticed that you’re using a lot more soap to clean clothes or dishes, or even your hair, or that your water has a different taste or smell to it, you probably have hard water. Living in Florida, especially in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, we have hard water anyway. But these types of signs all point to hard water. This is where a Halo Water Softener can come into play.

All of these signs mentioned above can cause bigger problems when left untreated. The minerals left behind from hard water will eventually build up in your home appliances, over time they will become less efficient, and eventually break down. This will cost you both money, and efficiency.

Investing in a water softener can save you in your water and electric bills, and help to save your appliances. It also can save the appearance of your sinks, tubs, showers, clothes, hair, skin, and make your water taste better.

When you spend so much money on appliances, you want them to last as long as they should, so having a whole Halo Water Softener installed in your home will only help these appliances last longer, work better, and be more efficient. This not only helps them live their useful life, but can help save on your utility bills at the same time. A win win!

How the Halo Water Softener Works

The Halo Water Softener dissolves scale, then prevents it from happening again, and inhibits corrosion. If you have hard water in your home, and are ready to have a discussion or would like an installation, contact us to discuss your options. See how we can help you solve your hard water problems with a Halo Water Softener.

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Halo Water Softener
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