Each year we celebrate national fix a leak week from March 18th through March 24th as a time to go through our homes and check the plumbing to find and fix any leaks we might have.  Follow this link to see some EPA Water Sense events near you!

Fix A Leak Week


Finding household leaks is typically easy, and they’re usually easy to fix too. But they sure do take a hit on the water bill! Fixing small leaks around the house can sometimes save homeowners about 10 percent on their water bill! Those fixes will pay for themselves. In order to fix the leak, you first have to identify the leak.

Here are some steps to identifying a potential leak:

  • If you have a high water bill during colder months when you shouldn’t be using as much water.
  • Look at your water meter during a time when there’s no water being used. Notate the number then look at it again after a two hour time period.
  • A dripping faucet is an easy source of a leak.
  • Put food coloring in a toilet tank, come back ten minutes later and if there’s color in the bowl, the toilet is leaking.
  • Check pipe fittings and gaskets for moisture on the surface of pipes.

If you found that you had any of these leaks:

  • For the toilet it usually needs a new flapper, those are installed easily.
  • A dripping sink can usually get a new gasket.
  • Shower heads and pipe fittings might need some tape to be sealed a bit more tightly.
  • Anything that is more complicated, please contact a professional plumbing company.

10 percent of homes have leaks that waste at least 90 gallons of water per day! That’s a lot of water going down the drain! Contact McDonough Plumbing to fix those pesky leaks and start saving today!

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