If you live in Florida, then having hard water in your home is really just a reality for homeowners. Florida water is considered to be very hard. The average for the Florida resident is between 100-300 parts per million. The hard water here is made up of calcium and magnesium due to the high levels of limestone in the area. This should be enough to determine that you need a water softener in your Florida home, but let’s learn about the details.

Need A Water Softener

We get large amounts of rain, and as the rain trickles down, the water filters through and dissolves the limestone depositing it into our drinking water. Often times you can feel how hard the water is just by washing your hands. After you’re done with the soap, you might be left with a hard feeling on your hands. It’s actually left behind soap scum, the same thing you’ll notice left behind on shower doors, or curtains. When you do have hard water, cleaning things such as clothes and even your hair becomes more of a chore, and even more expensive because you’ll need to use more detergent to do so.

Even more than that, the hard water as mentioned above leaves stains on shower doors, it leaves the same build up on your plumbing and appliances. This is more troublesome than just cleaning a shower door. Once the buildup starts on the pipes and appliances, this can start to cause clogs, and backups, and eventually cause a break down in the plumbing system.

Adding a water softener to your homes water system can help to ease all of these problems. It can help to stop the buildup of minerals on the inside of your pipes, and it can also stop the buildup on your appliances and fixtures. This can help extend both the life and efficiency of both. Between the money saved on replacement, and on utilities, plus added detergents, many find investing in a water softener a cost effective measure. McDonough Plumbing has plumbing professionals here to talk you through your water softener options for you home in the Port Charlotte area, give us a call at 941-624-4343.

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