common summer plumbing problems Summer is here, with summer comes its own set of plumbing problems. The kids are out of school, some of us are home from work more to watch the kids, so that means that there are more people in the house, meaning there is more pressure on the plumbing system. An overload on the plumbing system can cause problems. Here are 5 common summer plumbing problems to be aware of.

Washing Machine

With all the trips to the beach, pool days, and regular shower usage due to more people just being home, it will make sense that the washing machine will be used more often than it usually is. With all the towels, it might seem like a good idea to just throw them all in, but don’t overload the machine, stick to smaller loads. Also, pull the machine out from the wall a little to keep the hose from kinking, and check it regularly for leaks.

Shower Drains

The beach is another culprit when it comes to shower drains. All those trips to the beach can add up when taking showers and baths, filling the drains up with sand that can become caught up in bathing suits and hair. Rinsing off at the beach showers is a good way to save your own drains from becoming clogged.

Sprinkler Problems

Although we typically get a good amount of rain in Port Charlotte, FL, we do water our lawns quite a bit, because who likes brown grass? Automatic sprinklers get a lot of wear and tear, and lawnmowers aren’t very friendly to them. Check the heads for damage, and check the hoses for leaks. Those are sure fire ways to drive up the water bill quickly!

Garbage Disposal

With summer comes easy living, and many nights spent cooking outdoors. This means lots of scraps thrown down the drain potentially causing a clogged garbage disposal. Remember not to put corn on the cob, pits, bones and rinds down the drain. Also run the water before and after each use.

Blocked Toilet

With most of the family home, family and friends over, the last thing you want to deal with is a clogged toilet. Remind everyone that only toilet paper goes in the toilet. It’s a good idea to keep a plunger nearby, just in case!

McDonough Plumbing is here for you, all summer long! Don’t let the little problems turn into bigger ones; we’re here for all your residential plumbing needs! Contact us and let us bring our knowledge right to your door!

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