Plumbing Myths DebunkedAs homeowners, we end up fixing many of the small problems around the house. Unfortunately with plumbing, small problems can turn into bigger problems when left untreated.  Other times, what might look like a small problem, isn’t, and is better left to plumbing professionals.  Here are some of the more common plumbing myths debunked.

Leaving a brick in the toilet tank will save water. Please don’t do that. It might save you water, but over time, the brick will disintegrate causing sediment to build up and cause you bigger problems down the road than saving a few dollars on your water bill. Put a plastic jug in the tank instead.

Grind lemons to clean the garbage disposal. Yes, the disposal might smell fresh and clean for a day, but it could damage the disposal with all that citric acid. Rather than lemons, use ice cubes, they will clean it by removing the particles which are causing the odor. You can even add salt which can intensify the scrubbing effect.

It’s ok to ignore a dripping faucet, shower or toilet. No it isn’t. Not only is a drip wasting many gallons of water, and eating up your water bill. It could be an indicator of a bigger problem. Never ignore a drip, always have a plumbing professional check it out.

You can fix most plumbing issues yourself. With a little knowledge, you can do easy tasks, like a toilet flapper. For anything more than that, you should call a plumbing professional.  Any money you save by doing repairs yourself will be eaten up quickly if something were to drastically go wrong. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Contact McDonough Plumbing with any of your plumbing problems. From that annoying drip to a complete remodel or restoration; we have the know how to get the job done right. Our skilled plumbers bring a wealth of knowledge right to your door.


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