There are many different causes of a clogged drain, between what we put down our drains, to regular build up. Sometimes a clog can be easily cleaned, but in many cases you’ll need a professional plumber to clean a clogged drain. A little prevention goes a long way, so before you have a major problem on your hands, it’s best to have it fixed before it turns into a major plumbing repair.

clogged drain

Whether or not your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, it’s important to remember that not everything can go down the drain. Grease should NEVER go down a drain, that also goes for fruit pits and seeds, as well as glass and foods which can expand. It’s important to run water when using the disposal to be sure that all the food is washed out too. When in doubt, throw it out.

The problem with putting grease down a drain is that once it cools off it hardens. Once it is in your drain, it will collect food and eventually cause a clog. Yes, when having parties it might seem like the easiest solution, especially since it’s hot, but the best thing to do is to put grease into a container, then throw it away once it has cooled off and is in a solid state.

Florida water is known to be hard water. If your home isn’t equipped with a water softener, the water coming into your home can contain calcium and magnesium which can cause a build up along the inside of the pipes. The result is a lime scale build up. This can be prevented by installing a water softener.

Hair is one of the most common causes of a clogged drain, there are numerous products available to collect hair before it goes down the drain. Having the drain cleaned professionally is the best solution once a clog does occur.

Soap scum is another problem. Left untreated, soap scum will build up along the inside of pipes and will create a clog or slower flow of water. This reduces the interior diameter of your pipes and will require professional drain cleaning too.

Luckily, McDonough Plumbing offers drain cleaning, and high pressure jetting which can help take care of a clogged drain in Port Charlotte. Don’t let that clog get out of hand, contact us, we can help!

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