Maintaining our plumbing is an important part of home ownership. We schedule regular maintenance for our cars, and air conditioners, we should do the same for our plumbing too. One of these is to schedule professional drain cleaning, there are so many benefits to professional drain cleaning, here are just a few.

drain clog

The first one you will notice immediately. When you have your drains professionally cleaned, you will notice that your drains drain so quickly! This is because years of buildup are erased! There is nothing stopping the flow of water from going down the pipes.

As time goes on, the buildup that accumulates on our pipes can cause damage. This damage when left untreated can not only slow the drains down, but can end up causing leaks, which can be damaging to your home. Regular drain cleaning can help to remove the minerals that are corroding your pipes, and prevent leaks from happening over time.

You never want to be doing dishes, washing hands, or taking a shower and smelling bad odors. By having drains cleaned on a regular basis, this can be prevented. Often times we mistake these smells for something coming from our garbage disposals or toilets, but they are usually due to drains.

Having regular drain cleanings can also help to prevent clogs. As time goes on, our drains get smaller and smaller on the insides. As sediment builds up, the items that pass through our drains get caught. As things get caught, the insides of the pipes become smaller. When this happens, eventually there will be clogs. Getting them cleaned by a method of hydro-jetting, we will scour the insides, and they will be like new again, preventing any clogs.

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